Best Walking Insoles

The walking insoles is the dearest friend to the shoes, for they can help extend the life of the shoes.

If you don’t know where to buy the best walking insoles, I suggest you read our page carefully. You would get surprised. I promise.

What are you waiting for? Buy a pair of walking insoles for your shoes.

Best Walking Insoles Ever

SmartSole Exercise Insoles: Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Shin Splints & Joint Pain. Optimize Walking & Running Shoes For Men & Women.

Slip your SmartSole Insoles into your everyday walking shoes or running shoes and experience the benefits.
SmartSole Exercise Insole enables your foot to go through a gentle rolling motion allowing your heel, arch and then toe to touch the ground in sequence.

  • “With these, I can walk or stand all day and my feet are in next to no pain at the end of the day.” – Spencerinc
  • “I walk and exercise more comfortably and they can easily be transferred from shoe to shoe.” – S. Douglass
  • “I think these insoles would be much better if they extended the length of the shoe so your feet were protected all the way down, like normal insoles.” – Beauty Maven "steph"

Honeycomb Shaped Gel Elevator Shoes Half Insole for Men - 1/2 inches Taller

(All sizes listed are US men sizes unless otherwise stated.) High Quality Silicone Made for durability and softness. Will not compress.

Product Comparisons
  • “The yellow piece in the middle was to hard to be placed in the middle of the foot/heel.” – kevin lewis
  • “The product is very comfortable.” – J
  • “It fits the shoe easily and so comfortable to walk on.” – Antonio Gatdula

Pedag Lady Gel-Velvety Insole for High Heels, Open Toed Shoes and Sandals, Medium

Extra slim insole cushions for high heels sandals and pumps prevent the burning sensation in the balls of the feet. Relieves pressure on the heels and alleviates pain.

Buying Guides
  • “They’re very thin and flexible soft-textured leather with thin gel pads underneath at the ball and heel.” – AZgirl
  • “They were easy to put in and they stayed in place well.” – Layna Scantlebury
  • “It really makes a difference.” – Born in a Library

Honeycomb shaped Gel Half Insole for Women - 1/2 inches Taller

(All sizes listed are US women sizes unless otherwise stated.

Isolate It! Insoles Sorbothane SorboGel Walking Insoles
RxSorbo / Sorbothane

So why are Isolate It! Insoles MORE THAN JUST INSOLES?. The main reason they are NOT made of some foam or gel like most insoles. They are made of an advanced VISCO-ELASTIC material called Sorbothane.

Pedag 17947 Holiday 3/4 Leather Ultra Light, Thin, Semi-Rigid Orthotic with Metatarsal Pad, Arch Support and Padding at the Heel, Tan, Women's 9

Holiday is Pedag’s classic 3/4 length arch support with a semi-rigid longitudinal arch and plantar vault support, metatarsal pad and heel cushion. In women’s sizes, Holiday is slightly wider than Pedag’s new ¾ orthotic named Viva Mini and is more suitable for comfort, athletic and outdoor shoes and boots.

Product Research
  • “These arch supports are GREAT!!!” – Bonafide shoe buying person
  • “I have a job that requires me to dress professionally and these orthotics are very thin and fit nicely into my dress shoes.” – S. Gentile
  • “There are two small pads for the heel and metatarsal areas.” – M. Morris

RunPro Insoles - Medium Arch Profile - Europe's Leading Insoles for Running & Walking, by currexSole (Footdisc)

currexSole RunPro insoles – are the only technical running insoles which are specifically designed for running – only insoles with DYNAMIC arch support (3 dimensional and still flexible) – ultra light

Superfeet Wide Green Premium Insoles,Green,E: 10.5 - 12 US Womens/9.5 - 11 US Mens

Designed primarily for footwear with a removable insole, Superfeet GREEN provides maximum support and shock absorption. The rear and mid-foot control points reduce over-pronation and stabilitze the mid-foot.

Product Reviews
  • “Good arch support and heel cushioning.” – Thomas C. Lyon
  • “These insoles have really helped my feet.” – Banginonmychest
  • “The quality is excellent; perhaps the concept is okay, but it did not work for me.” – P. Burggraaf

New Balance Insoles IPR3030 Pressure Relief Insole,7.5 US Womens/6 US Mens
New Balance

The Pressure Relief Insole from New Balance features a Plastazote top layer. Recommended for diabetics by medical professionals, Plastazote uses your bodies heat to mold to the shape of your foot.

Buyers Guide
  • “They are thicker than original insoles so they work best in shoes like NB which provide room for replacement insoles.” – lndavids
  • “He says his feet are more comfortable throughout the day.” – Music Geek
  • “They are a little more expensive than your average drug store insert, but it is worth every cent.” – Elizabeth Spinasanto

New Balance Insoles IMC3210 Motion Control Insole,11 US/11 M US Men's/12.5 M US Women's M US
New Balance

The Motion Control Sport Cushion insole is highly versatile and ideal for a wide variety of foot types, including those with high arches or inflexible (rigid) arches.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Easy to use, size is close to show with very little trimming needed.” – None
  • “I am really impressed with how much these help my New Balance shoes help my feet after a long day at work.” – R. DAILY
  • “I bought these a 1/2 size bigger than my shoe and they fit well.” – Heidi M.

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